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Tervelox Partners with Free Model Foundry

June 22, 2008

Phoenix, AZ - Tervelox, Inc. partnered with FMF, the Free Model Foundry to develop 74xx replacement parts. FMF has a standard library called the FMF STND library and is a library of VHDL models that covers most of the 7400 series integrated circuit components. These are accurate models of the 74xx series of integrated circuits that were used extensively in the early 1980s.

Tervelox is interested in creating the 7400 series of integrated circuits for todays markets and companies interested in developing current products at lower cost as these IC inventories are decreased due to cost compared with modern FPGA an CPLD technologies. Tervelox will use the FMF STND library to develop Verilog RTL, which can be synthesized for use in real systems.

This will allow companies that have used the 74xx series components either currently or in the past to develop their systems to reduce costs. Older designs can be brought back to life by using a single FPGA or CPLD to represent an entire TTL circuit if schematics are still available. Additionally, any design currently using 74xx series components can be converted to reduce board space, power supply, component cost and increased clock speeds if necessary. This will help increase margins that are needed in todays market.

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