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Introducing VITAL 2000 models

March 24, 2002. Free Model Foundry (FMF)announces modeling support for VITAL 2000, the new VHDL standard for modeling and verifying components in electronics designs.

The importance of the VHDL standard is that board and systems designers are not locked into one simulator for their designs. With VITAL 2000, memory models require only half the previous amount of computer memory to simulate, and run with better accuracy.

VITAL 2000, which became an official IEEE standard in February 2001, is now supported in a variety of simulators including ModelSim from Mentor Graphics' Model Technology group, FTL Systems, and Cadence.

This also marks the posting of the 5000th part available in the Free Model Foundry library, which includes VHDL and Verilog models. The 5000th model is an IDT SRAM, and extends the range of usage of the VITAL2000 memory package.

All Free Model Foundry models are open source, which allows the user to understand and modify the model. They are available free of charge on the FMF website.

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The Free Model Foundry (FMF) develops and supports simulation models for semiconductor manufacturers and their customers. They also provide educational and consulting services. The FMF website is located at

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