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IDT Dual Port Memory Models Available

June 2001. The Free Model Foundry (FMF) is pleased to announce the availability of six new VHDL simulation models covering 18- and 36-bit wide members of IDT's synchronous dual-port memories. These models are full functional simulation models, which incorporate VITAL timing checks and can be used in board level simulation with SDF timing back annotation.

Providing VITAL timing specifications allows board designers to specify interconnect path delays and to run more than one instance within the same design. The synchronous dual-port simulation models also include JTAG test access ports, which help customers locate board-manufacturing defects.

The models are written in IEEE-standard VHDL/VITAL in the FMF style and will run on any VHDL standard compliant simulator without modification or the use of PLI/FLI code. The FMF models enable customers to design in IDT's industry-leading multi-port products with relative ease.

The models are being released as open source code and are licensed under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License (GPL). They are freely distributed on the Internet by the Free Model Foundry.

About IDT

IDT enhances the global network with semiconductor solutions for communications companies that lead innovation and drive convergence in voice, data and wireless networks. Communications-industry leaders choose IDT for its high-performance products that accelerate time to market and boost bandwidth in the network infrastructure. IDT's communications ASSPs include telecom products, ATM switches and SARs, high-speed PHYs, communications processors, and IP co-processors; the company offers the broadest selection of FIFOs and multi-ports; and the product mix also incorporates high-performance logic, clock management products, and high-speed SRAMs.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the Company employs approximately 5,000 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in California, Oregon, the Philippines and Malaysia. IDT stock is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol "IDTI." Additional information about IDT is accessible at or CD-ROM by calling (800) 345-7015. The investor hotline is (408) 654-6420.

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