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Intel Flash Memory Models Available

Sept 1, 1997. The Free Model Foundation (FMF) is pleased to announce that Intel Corporation has updated the existing VHDL models of their Flash Memory components and added 30 new models. They have also added 18 new Verilog models of their Flash Memory components. To date, Intel is the only IC vendor supplying models to their customers in this fashion.

The models will be freely distributed on the Internet, by the Free Model Foundation, unencrypted, and downloadable in source code format. Both FMF and Intel agree that the utility of models are fully realized by their free distribution. Designers will now be able to simulate designs using these Intel Flash Memory parts increasing the odds for "first pass success".

We believe that model availability is beginning to become a factor in device selection decisions.

The addition of these models brings us another step closer to our goal of solving the model shortage problem that the industry has been facing for quite some time.

The Free Model Foundation will continue to strive to establish relationships with IC Vendors and to help them understand the power of having models available to designers.

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